A creative, talented team of marketing 
professionals ready to work for you


This is what we love to do. We have a passion for branding new start-ups, or revitalizing an existing but tired brand. Your brand is what sticks (or doesn't) in customers' minds. It's good to get it right.


Innovative design takes a good ear. Red Sky can facilitate creative AND construction project tasks, apprising managers all along the way, securing approvals while removing many logistical burdens.


We specialize in problem solving and what we call visioneering. We quickly create and render custom designs based on clients' visions. Red Sky can help you envision your next project. Call us!

Red Sky has communications expertise and over 30 years of experience


Innovative Design

We pride ourselves in developing unique designs for every client. If you love what you see and are happy in getting our new images, collateral, or websites, etc out in front of the public then  others will seek us out too. Our success is directly proportional to your success. The way it should be.

Website Design

The Website. Everybody needs one. If you don't have web presence, you're practically invisible to customers these days. We offer a wide range of website and social media options from simple awareness and basic info sites to complex, interactive dynamic sites and social marketing for your business. Let's make you visible today!


We offer multiple levels of photography and video services based on each project's requirements. Red Sky can offer or arrange custom location and studio photography or utilize licensed stock photography as needed to make your business glow with professional imagery...


Turnkey remodel or ground-up, Red Sky can become a project manager's best friend allowing for smoother projects and efficient on-time finishes. No need to try being an expert in all facets of a given job. Red Sky can facilitate creative and construction project tasks.

Delivering powerful brand, graphic design, web development and construction solutions



It’s how your company introduces itself to the world. Years of experience creating powerful designs for large corporate to small scale businesses has given our team the skills to expand your brand presence. Let’s get you noticed today.


We call this space-reinvention. We’ll craft a design/build plan for your space and deliver it from start-to-finish. All our designs are done in-house, so we’ll make sure you get the look you’re going for. With fast turn-arounds in design and quality construction services, we pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for our clients.

Graphic Design

Known as the art behind the brand, graphic design is a unique art form in itself. Providing one-of-a-kind graphics to fit you, we hand-build each design. This ensures optimum quality, printing, and branding control.

Food Service

Package design, space-reinvention, food photography, menu and promotional pieces, and more —Red Sky does it all. With extensive backgrounds working with brands like Sonic, CoolGreens, Grand Casino and Quicktrip, we’ve explored time and again that creative edge needed to refresh your culinary space.

Experience, not experiments

We're 100% Native-American owned.

Discovery Meeting

We'll sit down with you, ask questions and develop creative end-goals for your project. Our promise is to combine fresh ideas with fast solutions. Thirty years of experience designing with small businesses to large corporations has taught us that relationships come first! 

Initial meetings with us are always free. In these "Discovery Days", we can get to know you, hear your thoughts, needs, and visions toward your project. Then we'll best be able to determine how Red Sky can benefit you.

Centrally located in Oklahoma City, we're within a day trip of anywhere in the state. You name the place, we'll be there. 

Have a date in mind? Let us know below!



We felt the call to form Red Sky after years in mainstream business. Seeing the need for cohesive tribal marketing, cultural graphics and knowing the beauty of our culture, we truly felt compelled to bring our expertise to tribal development. Through working with the casinos, tribal governments and small native-owned businesses, we’ve made a name for Red Sky in Indian Country.