C O N C E P T • D E S I G N

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 7:24pm

C O N C E P T • D E S I G N - Package Design, Event Cards, and Concert Ticket Design

CONCEPT DESIGN As a Graphic Design/Branding house, we live through our concepts and brainstorming sessions. To the left are some items we churned out for package design, event handouts, and concert tickets. As designers, we love developing one-of-a-kind custom designs to practice stretching our creativity, exploring ideations and delving into the imaginative process of brand identity. Everything we do for those we work with is custom, unique and consistent. Creating concept exercises like the ones shown, we have the freedom to develop any style. Exploring the use of shapes, content, and color (or absence of) is all part of the fun. These images mirror the capabilities we can bring to the table. We're known for developing quality work for our clients, then bringing them in to help edit during the final stages of the process. What you think and want for your brand is equally important to the design/concept and identity as the graphics we provide. Every initial discovery meeting is free, and since we're located in the heart of OKC, we are within a day trip of anywhere in the state. 

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We felt the call to form Red Sky after years in mainstream business. Seeing the need for cohesive tribal marketing, cultural graphics and knowing the beauty of our culture, we truly felt compelled to bring our expertise to tribal development. Through working with the casinos, tribal governments and small native-owned businesses, we’ve made a name for Red Sky in Indian Country.