W E B S I T E • T U R N K E Y

Friday, May 18, 2018 - 12:19pm

W E B S I T E - Comanche Nation turnkey website design and back-end engineering

TURNKEY WEBSITE DESIGN - Red Sky offers turnkey website design solutions for any size business, organization, or nation. Having our heart in Indian Country, we were honored to partner with the Comanche Nation to develop their homesite. Struggling with various hacking and security issues, the nation's previous site's security was in need of a major revamp. Our lead web engineer and his team had designed and built a large complex system for the Branson Tourism and Entertainment industry, so we were confident we were the right group for the job. Relationships are everything to Red Sky, so time spent with the people of the Comanche Nation was an invaluable experience. Wanting to emphasize Comanche history and explore why they're renowned as "Lord of the Plains", we spent many hours in Lawton getting familiar with the people, culture, and vision of this nation. On-site researching their Cultural Museum, History and Record Dept., Administration Offices and various other areas helped us get an authentic, first-hand feel for the tribe's needs, expectations, and dynamic culture. Knowing the Comanche value courage and strength in their nation, having the necessary background imagery and history gave us the needed background knowledge to design this site. With every site we build, we offer a tier-based advanced level of security, mobile-friendly interface, SEO, organized site menu guidance, customizable content, galleries, calendars, and imagery. We also include an IT professional from our team to teach the client's designated web personnel/IT department how to edit content and run the back-end information updates on their site. This ensures the client has the base knowledge to edit their site's everyday updates, and if necessary we'll also provide higher-tiers of web maintenance and updates through Red Sky. To the left are several images of the site, the layout and the graphic elements we added. To view the full site visit comanchenation.com!


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We felt the call to form Red Sky after years in mainstream business. Seeing the need for cohesive tribal marketing, cultural graphics and knowing the beauty of our culture, we truly felt compelled to bring our expertise to tribal development. Through working with the casinos, tribal governments and small native-owned businesses, we’ve made a name for Red Sky in Indian Country.